Kesin Pharma™ is redefining the drug repackaging and dispensing process. It’s our mission to provide medical facilities with safe unit-dose medication that reduces the potential for medication errors. We repackage creams and ointments for ease of use.

What is Unit-Dosing?

Every patient is unique, and so are their symptoms and illnesses. Therefore, customizing medications to their specific needs is necessary for quality patient care. Our unit-dose supply method packages each dose of medicine separately in a ready-to-administer form. Each unit is prepared for one-time use and contains a label with detailed information, including the prescription’s generic name, strength, control number, and expiration date.

Benefits of Unit-Dose Packaging

Our advanced labeling and packaging process offers multiple advantages. This tailored dosing system ensures that each patient receives the correct drug in the right dose, reducing medication errors. It also enhances safety by decreasing the potential for fraudulent diversion of pharmaceutical drugs. By replacing your bulk packaging with unit-dose medication, you can maximize space and eliminate waste.

Our Unit-Dose Creams and Ointments

Semi-solid drugs like creams and ointments deliver medication by applying it onto a particular part of the body, typically the skin. Many healthcare professionals find it easier to encourage patients to take their medication in a unit-dose configuration because it is simple to administer. The pharmacy also benefits of the ease-of-use of unit-dose packaging. 

The approach for repackaging into unit-dose packaging makes medicine portable and accessible. As with our other unit-dose medications, your facility will be able to track inventory, dispense the correct doses, and minimize the risk of errors. At Kesin Pharma, all our creams and ointments are labeled and barcoded according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. To work best with your current facility procedures, you can customize them by size, barcode symbology, and label specifications. 

Unit-Dose Mupirocin

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