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Maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes in your facility by using unit-dose packaging. At Kesin Pharma™, we offer high-quality pharmaceutical repackaging solutions and utilize our many years of expertise to benefit our partner facilities.

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Product Catalog


NDC NumberProduct NameStrengthUD FormPack SizeABCCardinalMcKesson
81033-002-50Acetaminophen 160mg*160mg/5mLOral Solution501026002657493952338606
81033-002-40Acetaminophen 325mg*325mg/10.15mLOral Solution401026002157494032338655
81033-002-30Acetaminophen 650mg*650mg/20.3mLOral Solution301026002457494112340263

Multivitamin with Minerals**

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15mLOral Solution501027607158194122682045
81033-220-52Potassium Chloride 10%***20mEq/15mLOral Solution501027377458077062645695
81033-220-51Potassium Chloride 10%***20mEq/15mLOral Solution1001027361058077142646461
81033-020-50Mupirocin 2%1gOintment501027185458041742640365
81033-020-99Mupirocin 2%1gOintment1001027185258035722640332

*Sugar Free, Dye Free, Alcohol Free
**Dye Free, Alcohol Free
***Sugar Free, Alcohol Fre

Unit-Dose Liquid Cups

Liquid medications are more easily digestible and have a faster absorption rate. In many cases, elderly patients and young children have difficulty swallowing pills, making liquid medications a more suitable option. In-house repackaging and dosing for these pharmaceuticals can be time-consuming and opens up the potential for mistakes. Our unit-dose liquid cups make the process easier for you and reduce the risk of medication errors. 



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Unit-Dose Ointments and Creams

Unit-dose repackaging makes semi-solid pharmaceuticals, including ointments and creams, easier to dispense and manage. The benefits of unit-dose ointments and creams are similar to those of unit-dose liquid medications. They allow your facility to track inventory, dispense the correct dose for each patient, and minimize the risk of errors.

Mupirocin Ointment

Drug Repackaging Solutions

At Kesin Pharma, we leverage our industry expertise to bring you solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs, all while benefiting your patients through increased safety. We are continuously working to improve and expand our product lines. Get in touch to learn about the latest developments and our available options.

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If your facility is looking for efficient and safe drug repackaging solutions, Kesin Pharma can help. We partner with hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities and have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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