Kesin Pharma™ was founded on the vision of providing unique value to patients, caregivers, and the healthcare system through our strategic brands and generic products. We are a Specialty Pharma company with a highly accomplished team that has many years of experience creating value within the pharmaceutical industry. We execute seamlessly on our core strategy through a combination of our state-of-the-art internal infrastructure and strategic collaborations with accomplished partners. Our commitment to innovation, unique product offerings, market knowledge, and expertise enables us to provide significant value to our patients, customers, and stakeholders.

Optimal Drug Repackaging Solutions

Kesin Pharma continues to redefine the meaning of optimal by constantly gathering feedback from the only source that matters: our customers. With your partnership, we can continue to incrementally adapt our solutions to fit your needs and the needs of your patients. One thing will never change: every Kesin Pharma product is precise, safe, and economical. Let Kesin Pharma handle the formulations while your team continues to revolutionize the standard of care.

Customer Partners



Our unit-dose pharmaceuticals and repackaging services help hospital pharmacies by enhancing bedside scanning compliance, prescription processing, and inventory management while also streamlining the patient billing process.

Our Leadership Team

Kesin Pharma’s accomplished leadership team has many years of experience in creating value in the pharmaceutical industry. We leverage our expertise to help your facility and have strong customer relationships and market know-how that we’ve built over our time in the industry.

Our Brand Promise

We strive to partner with you to optimize patient care and elevate the standards to delivering medicine. We provide the best unit-dose products available that are safe, efficient, and reliable.


Kesin Pharma was built on the foundation of responsibility. We owe it to you, your patients, and the environment to create the safest and most reliable unit-dose pharmaceuticals. We believe that unit-dose medicine is the pathway to reducing medication error and healthcare waste. With our innovative repackaging technology, Kesin Pharma is leading the way to build a new standard of care without compromising patient outcomes.


We know that no two pharmacies are the same and that your needs will be different from other customers. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Our solutions have to make your work and care easier, not the other way around. At Kesin Pharma, we will always work with you to deliver the customized program that your facility needs.


Kesin Pharma is committed to creating an efficient and effective operating theatre for every level of the supply chain. Efficiency means that are products are made with the best components and we are constantly striving to reduce cost to your pharmacy without sacrificing quality. We know that every dollar saved could translate to better outcomes for your pharmacy and your patients. You can rest assured that every savings that Kesin Pharma is able to generate will be shared with our greatest asset: you.

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Our team can help you improve patient outcomes while also maximizing efficiency.


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