We believe that maximizing patient safety is at the core of our partnerships. We also believe that increasing patient safety and reducing the cost of care are not mutually exclusive. With innovative labeling, packaging, and barcode scanning technology, your pharmacy can reduce the potential for medication errors while the overall cost of patient care.

Benefits of Unit-Dose Packaging

Reduce Medication Errors

Our scanner-readable barcodes integrate with point-of-care medication administration systems, which helps reduce the risk of medication errors.

Minimize Diversion

Enhance patient safety by reducing the potential for dangerous and fraudulent diversion of pharmaceutical drugs.

Make Inventory Management Easy

Utilizing unit-dose products enables you to maximize space by eliminating bulk packaging and medication waste. Doing so allows you to maximize space and reduce restocking time and cost.

Provide Tailored Dosing

With unit-dose packaging, it’s easier for your staff to ensure that the right drug in the right dose is delivered to the right patient every time.

Benefits of Working With Kesin Pharma

Experienced Leadership Team

At Kesin Pharma, we have a strong and capable leadership team. Our team has many years of experience creating value in the pharmaceutical industry and leverages this to benefit the facilities we partner with.

Strategic Partnerships

Throughout our years in the industry, we have developed deep relationships with many different partners. These partnerships allow us to expand our product offerings and draw on the experience of our partners, continually growing and improving.

In-House Warehouse and Distribution Capabilities

In addition to providing unit-dose repackaging solutions, we have in-house warehouse and distribution capabilities, making it even easier for the facilities we work with to benefit from our solutions.

Work With Us

Kesin Pharma can help your facility improve efficiency and safety with our pharmaceutical repackaging solutions.

If you’re interested in unit-dose products, contact us today to learn more.